Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fareed Zakaria suggests that Obama declare an official end to "war" on terror

Fareed Zakaria suggested Sunday on his Global Public Square that President Obama should declare an official end to the “war on terror”, since, he says, Al Qaeda is effectively destroyed.

That would mean the end of suspension of certain civil liberties for suspected enemy combatants, especially prisoners at Guantanamo, who would either have to be tried or release.
Fareed’s link is here.  His original video from Easter Sunday appears there. 

Does this suggestion affect ordinary Americans?  Usually not, but it could mean an end to warrantless spying, for example, or an end to the possibility that the government could shut down portions of the Internet if they really were perceived as security threats – a possibility that I feared after 9/11, especially in conjunction with amateur “steganography”. 

Of course, the next real war could come with North Korea, a "red dawn".  

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