Tuesday, March 26, 2013

North Korea reiterates threats against US, South Korea; lack of precise intelligence is cause for alarm

North Korea has reiterated its threats against Guam, Hawaii, and even mainland United States, according to the latest AP stories.  And a sobering story on MSN this morning suggests that North Korea fits the profile of a nation that could attack suddenly.  The greatest practical threat is obviously to South Korea, link to story by Foster Klug, "Wait, then Attack", here

North Korea is angered by UN sanctions and has canceled the 1953 armistice with South Korea.  Technically, it is in a state of war with South Korea now.
Although the capability of  North Korea to reach American soil seems to lack credibility, the lack of precise intelligence on its exact capability (at least as far as the Obama administration is willing to report candidly to mainline media) is certainly cause for concern, maybe even alarm. 
The conventional ground and air assault on Washington by North Korean elements in the film “Olympus Has Fallen” is not credible, but a localized EMP blast might be.  The scenario in the film “Red Dawn” last fall, with an EMP blast on the West Coast, was a little more credible, even if rather silly in the way the film plays out.  

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