Friday, March 29, 2013

How far can North Korean missiles reach now?

MSNBC published a map with concentric circles centered on North Korea showing how far missles canm reach.  The link for the “map exercise” is here

The longest possible missile, the Utna, could reach 6200 miles.  That could possibly reach as far east as Las Vegas or Reno Nevada.   

Although intelligence says that North Korea does not have the ability to put a miniaturized nuclear warhead on most of its missiles, one cannot be absolutely sure even now, and the capability could exist in a few years if not stopped. 

North Korean verbal threats escalated Friday after the US flew stealth bombers in the area.  

The greatest practical risk from a missle could be an EMP blast over a wide area.  The most obvious short term risk is to South Korea, and that could have a huge effect on consumer products and computers manufactured in the region.  South Korea, ironically, may have the world’s fastest Internet, and it seems like an obvious target. 

Huffington Post on AOL reports a "state of war" declared by North Korea on the South, but I thought that had already existed with North Korea cancelled the armistice of 1953.  Maybe the dominoes can still fall.  

CNN, through Fareed Zakaria's GPS blog, reports "No, North Korea can't hit Hawaii", link here

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