Sunday, March 3, 2013

British pastor reports kidnapping of non-Muslims in Syria at DC church service; more on Shariah and "threat" to Americans

Today, at the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC, Rev. Anthony Peck. General Secretary of the European Baptist Federation, addressed the communion service with “An Intimation of Grace in a Suffering World”.   The sermon started out by considering “why bad things happen to good people”.  He spoke specifically about the plight of Christians in Syria, known to some who want Shariah, and about kidnapping of Christians who try to leave Aleppo and travel on open roads. 
Newsmax has an article (“The Shariah Threat to America”) from Dec. 2012 maintaining that “Shariah is the only form of religious law extant that is also meant to apply to people of other faiths, I,e, non-Muslims”.  The article discusses the way some states have passed constitutional amendments (American Laws for American Courts”)  banning the use of any foreign religious law that could result in abridgement of a fundamental right of a person in the U,S. I’m surprised that such a mechanism would be needed.  The Newsmax article  (by Fred Grandy) is here
The link for Public Policy Alliance and American Law for American Courts is here
This topic seems to need more media coverage soon.  

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