Monday, February 18, 2013

South Korea as well as China struggles with "filial piety"

The New York Times has written a couple of pieces about how Asian countries need to count on their kids for eldercare.
In China, with the remnants of the one-child policy, parents are betting everything on their kids’ education, which doesn’t always pay off, as in a story Sunday by Keith Bradshea, “In China, families bet it all on college for their children”, link here 
Then on Monday, the NYT reported on the suicide of elderly people in South Korea, partly because grown children aren’t around to support them..  South Korea has a kind of filial responsibility law, that prevents elderly from getting welfare benefits if adult children are capable of supporting them, link to story by Choe Sang-Hun here

The article talks about the change of “family structure”.
In both articles, the willingness of adults to give up their own aspirations and put them in their biological progeny seems paramount.  

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