Sunday, February 24, 2013

Should the Pope be prosecuted?

Some religious critics, including Christopher Hitchens and now Richard Dawkins in the UK Guardian, are calling for the Pope to be prosecuted and tried, as in this article.

The Pope is accused of long term participation in the coverup of priest abuse, back to the time that he was Cardinal, in a manner similar to accusations against the leadership of Penn State (and Paterno) after the scandal involving Jerry Sandusky.

The Washington Blade has called Pope Benedict "God's Rottweiler",and Ratzinger is the author of a notorious 1986 statement calling homosexuality (in men) objectively disordered.

So the Pope's claim of ill health seems a bit of a cover.  No surprise.  Pacemakers are risky business, of course.

There are also stories about priests being blackmailed by minors or because of abuse, and that this contributed to the new scandal. 

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