Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Seal who shot Osama bin Laden (and retired) says military has deserted him (upcoming Esquire story)

The UK Daily Mail is reporting on the upcoming Esquire article about the Navy Seal who personally shot Osama bin Laden, and who has “retired” but has no health insurance and no protection from the federal government.

Members of the military are rarely offered witness protection programs, which are no way to live anyway (as in the 2006 Lifetime film “Family in Hiding” with Brenda Strong). 
The Mail article also says that the Seal thought he would die during the raid, and had written his wife and family just before the mission. But now his marriage is broken. 
The UK story link is here.  The story is by Rachel Quigley.
There is a teaser on Esquire for the March story by Phil Bronstein, (website url) here.  But it will take you to a subscription link.   Could this somehow become another Kathryn Bigelow movie? 

(Note: the spelling of "Osama" and of our president differ by one letter; a coincidence.  I confess, I made a typo in the posting title and had to replace it; it was up wrong about 15 minutes before I caught it.  One could use the spelling "Usama"; it's "safer".)

  I can't say that the "s" and the "b" are that close together on a computer keyboard, either.

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