Wednesday, February 6, 2013

North Korea releases video of its "attack on America", may perform several nuclear tests

Various sources report that North Korea is planning more than one nuclear test soon, and may be making progress in the “miniaturization” needed to put a nuclear warhead on a missile that could possible reach Alaska, Hawaii, or even the Pacific Northwest.
The BBC story is here

The announcement was made by Lee Myung-Bak, leaving a post in South Korea.  North Korea’s 28-year-old new “emir” Kim Jung-im seems as belligerent as his father was.

North Korea has produced a “dream video” of its “attack on America”:

Again. The biggest practical risk could be an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) blast.  

Update: Feb. 12

North Korea has apparently tested a "miniaturized" nuclear warhead, that might be placed on a missile for the Pacific, South Korea, or conceivably IS Pacific Northwest. Huffington story greeted me on AOL this morning, here. Look at the stills of the test site.

Wikipedia attribution link for map of 2009 nuclear test.

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