Friday, February 15, 2013

Meteor injured hundreds in Russia (no connection to asteroid)

The Weather Channel reports that over 700 people in Russia and Central Asia were injured early Friday when a meteor exploded somewhere over the southern Ural Mountains. 

The explosion was visible in Kazakhstan, and in an area called Chelyabinsk, ironically the name of one of the most notorious variations in chess opening theory today (a piece sacrifice in the Shevshnikov Sicilian).
The link for the story is here.  Fox News has another account here
The meteor does not seem to be related to the small asteroid “2012 DA14” due to fly by Earth today Feb. 15. 

But the blast, where the meteor exploded and broke apart, could have done considerable damage to a major metropolitan areas. But it was small compared to Tunguska in 1908.
Wikipedia attribution link for animated explanation of meteoroids and the like. 

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