Sunday, February 17, 2013

Climate demonstrations in DC note drone issue; Iceland wants to ban (violent) online porn

There were a couple of placards at the Climate Change demonstrations on the Mall in Washington DC today (Sunday, February 17, 2013) that had a bit of an international flavor.
One was a sign saying that “Gandhian Resistance” was being shortshrifted, especiallyt by a climate-change group called “350” (website url), link.  The man carrying the sign asked me to send him a copy of the picture, but I have no idea how to reach him.  He can simply save it from this blog onto his hard-drive from any browser.  
Another was a sign opposing the use of drones by the Obama administration, given recent media reports that the administration will use drones against American citizens believed to be terrorists overseas.

In another matter, free speech overseas, CNN has reported that Iceland is considering a measure to ban all pornography on the Internet.  Supposedly it is already banned in print.  Supporters claim that the measure is necessary to “protect children” and women.  It’s unclear how it could stop websites from overseas, since the US has already fought this battle with COPA and the CDA.

It’s important to note that some media stories say that only “violent” pornography would be banned (in addition to child pornography). TheUK Gaurdian explains here
Could Americans who visit Iceland and who post content that would be illegal under such a law get into trouble if they visited Iceland (or used Icelandair as a way to go to Europe)? 

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