Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WSJ writes about Portugal's low birth rate problem

The Wall Street Journal had an article Tuesday on low birth rates specifically in Portugal, with a focus on the town of Melgaco.

New mothers get a grant of $1300, along with nursery services and tax breaks.

A third of the town is over 65 in age. 

The story by Patricia Kowsmann is here.  The article is titled "Slowing birthrates weigh on Europe's weak economies". 

The birthrate in the town has dropped by half.

I spent a night in Lisbon in April 2001, before a bus to Fatima, site of the supposed appearance of Mary.  I then took a train to San Sebastian the next evening.

In 2001, Lisbon seemed to be booming with condo construction, given the upcoming euro conversion.  It has become one of the more endangered economies in Europe, and demographics is part of the reason. 

Wikipedia attribution link for Fatima Sanctuary  

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