Thursday, January 24, 2013

North Korea says it will "target" US; Hillary loses temper before Congress over Benghazi; oil workers face danger anywhere in Middle East or third world

There’s a lot going on right now.
The most dangerous story concerns North Korea announcing that both its internal nuclear tests with HEU and its rocket launches will “target U.S.”, as in a story by Ju-min Park and Choonsik Yoo from Reuters, link.

Experts, in contradiction to George Tenet in the early 2000’s, say that North Korea does not have the ability to reach the western US or Alaska right now.  (ABC reports that it may have a 6000 range.) The most grave possible incident could be an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack, crudely suggested in the film “Red Dawn 2”.North Korea is said to lake the ability to miniaturize the weapon to make it fit on a missile. 
Elsewhere, Hillary Clinton sounded evasive when she said “What difference does it make?” in response to questions about how her State Department had characterized the attack on Benghazi, Sept. 11, 2012.  I think Hillary lost her temper on the stand.  She seemed to lose control of her duties in recent months. 

This sort of evasiveness gets dangerous, giving the nature of the threats.  Rand Paul (R-KY) said he would have fired her!  Kerry will have to keep his head on when he takes over. 

Was there an intelligence failure before Benghazi? It was more a matter of reaction.  But of course we had a massive failure (under Bush) before 9/11 and a massive miss-assessment of Iraq. We can't afford this with North Korea, or life as we know it could be over for a lot of us some day.

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The recent rogue attack at an oil installation in Algeria points out the danger that contractors who work in the oil industry face when they go to anywhere in the third world.  An email that I got from “resistance” in Nigeria Aug. 15, 2008 (reproduced here on that date) makes the point.  In recent years, given the popularity of Facebook and Twitter for sending protests, I have not gotten these sorts of communications the way I did a few years ago.  

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