Saturday, December 29, 2012

Worldwide demand for adoption of orphans is very high, could affect same-sex marriage and parenting policies

Friday night (Dec. 28), Dr. Jane Aronson, of the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (link), reported that there are 153 million orphan children throughout the world.  Aronson was discussing Russia’s recent ban on adoption of children from the United States (as political retaliation) or perhaps other countries. 

The statistic is important.  If there are that many children needing adoption, there is more moral pressure on western families to adopt.  The number implies that there are far more children needing adoption than there are traditional families in the United States or western countries to adopt them.  It could have a bearing on laws and policies regarding adoption by same-sex couples or even singles.  It could even press for a view of marriage (in the U.S. or other countries – gay marriage is now controversial in France) that says that marriage benefits should apply only to those having or raising children or at least taking care of members of other generations. 
Later Saturday, CNN mentioned that Russia has about 685.000 orphaned children, and that the adoption ba takes place Jan. 1, 2013.  Some adoptions that had started, with kids expecting homes, could be stopped..  There are reports of suicides in Russian orphanages.  On the other hand, one parent in Tennessee tried to return a disabled adopted child to Russia.

Similar controversy has existed with Romania, given horrible conditions reported in the 1990s.  

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