Tuesday, December 25, 2012

UN Mission Council notes co-workers in troubled areas

The Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA followed up on the Dec. 23 presentation on the Palestinian issues with some prayer post cards from the United Nations General Assembly Mission Council.

The three mission co-worker parties mentioned are as follows:
Rev. Dr. Nuhad Tomeh, and the people of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and the Persian Gulf, c/o Middle East Council of Churches, PO Box 5376, Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. Larry and Inge Sthreshley, and the peoples of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 100 Withersppn Street, Louisville KY 40202-1396

Rev. Mark Adams and Mirian Maldonado Escobar, and the people of the US-Mexico border, Fontera de Cristo, PO Box 1112, Douglas, AZ 85608

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