Wednesday, December 12, 2012

North Korean satellite may be tumbling and failing; CIA thinks NK might be able to launch nuke in a few years

The satellite that North Korea launched very recently is said to be “tumbling out of control”, according to an NBC News story late Wednesday evening, link here

Earlier stories had reported that officials were surprised that the launch occurred earlier than expected and actually seemed to put a Sputnik-sized satellite into orbit.

Intelligence officials say that they do not believe that North Korea is able to put a nuclear weapon or EMP device in a space satellite or ordinary missile now.  But it may be able to do so in a few years, and it may be able to fire an ICBM 6000 miles, able to reach California.  But previously, in 2002, George Tenet had sais that North Korea could reach Alaska or the Pacific Northwest with a nuclear missile. 

Iran is thought to be helping North Korea with missile development. 

On AC360 tonight, a 30-year old man who had escaped a North Korean prison camp to China and gotten asylum spoke.  He said that in North Korea, three generations of lineage are punished for the “counterrevolutionary” acts of parents. He said he survived by turning in his parents in the camp, and they were executed.  He was tortured and has burn scars on his legs, which were not shown.  

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