Monday, November 19, 2012

Cyberwarfare enters the Israeli-Gaza conflict; the rhetoric remains existential

The hacker group Anonymous is taking credit for a large number of cyberattacks against Israel, as a protest of settlement policies in lands historically belonging to Palestinians, in a story on CNN here.

Anderson Cooper was reporting from Gaza Monday night, as the region watches for a possible truce and then talks.

Air defenses on both sides are able to knock out about 80% of incoming rockets, but maybe could be corrupted by hackers.

On CNN, an Israeli spokesperson said, "You do not negotiate with terrorists.  Defending yourself is right."  But a commentator asked, how do you defend yourself against an enemy who will die to prove you wrong?

Update: Nov. 21

Israel and "Hamas, Inc." have agreed to a cease fire (NBC News), link.

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Abu Dhabi Tourism said...

who will die to prove you wrong?
A simple and straightforward ques to slap Israeli's on their behavior regarding Palestine issue ........