Monday, September 3, 2012

New book notes that Romanians long for return to communism and its job "stability"

More than 50% of Romanians long for a return to the economic stability of Communism, according to a new book by Lucian Bola, “The History and Myth of Romanian Consciousness”.

The communist government guaranteed citizens a job and a home, in the four decades before the fall of Ceausescu in 1989, but defied “economic logic”.
When Communism collapsed, a million people were left jobless.
Capitalism, some Romanians feel, allows some people to get rich only at the expense to others.
Social conservatism, then, instructs that economic freedom requires that people within small social units (families) learn to take care of each other and accept such as a fundamental moral idea, creating new questions about consistent individual freedom, and about institutions like marriage (since everyone has to take care of others anyway).

A number of years ago, 20-20 reported on the horrible state of children in some post-Communist Romanian orphanages.

There is a story about Bola in the Washington Times, a special, by Vlad Odobescu, link here

The story also gives the history of the presidency of Traian Basescu. 

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