Saturday, September 1, 2012

Iran is close to tipping point on nuclear fuels program

Iran is well on the way to completing a site to manufacture nuclear fuel, according to an IAEA report, in a story in the New York Times Aug. 30 by David Sanger and William Broad, link here

Iran has completed about three-fourths of the centrifuges it would need in order to support the production of its own nuclear weapons.

In recent days, the GOP has accused the Obama administration of being weak on Iran.

Allowing Iran to manufacture nuclear weapons is particularly dangerous, because it could pass them on to terrorists who could try to use them in a clandestine way, such as with high altitude nuclear blasts to produce EMP effect, over Israel or maybe even the U.S.

There is still a concern that Israel will reach a tipping point and make a pre-emptive strike, a development that Panetta had predicted last spring.

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