Monday, September 24, 2012

Ecumenical Accompaniment Program poster seeks donations; a major simulation of a major crisis coming over Iran before election

I saw a poster at a local Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA, “help George Meek serve the West Bank”, with mention of an “Ecumenical Accompaniment Program”, which does have an advanced website explaining its purpose and functioning, here

The Outlook Section of the Washington Post, on Sunday Sept. 23,  has a three part simiulation by Karin Sadjapour and Blake Hounshell, “What if Israel bombed Iran?”, link here

The scenario imagines an incident on a Thursday night in October, during president Obama’s family dinner in the White House, and simulates the events in Washington, Tehran, and Tel Aviv.  There is no question that this sort of incident can put the president on the spot politically, an observation that increases the probability that it may really happen in October.  

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