Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Former Nigerian rebels and warlords getting money to "protect" oil pipelines

Back on August 15, 2008 I had received a hostile email from “Ijaw Youth” in Nigeria, which I posted a photocopy of, which bragged about rebellious activities against Nigerian oil companies and their pipelines.

Today, the Wall Street Journal has an applicable story by Drew Hinshaw, “Nigeria’s oil bandits now collect government cash,” link (with paywall subscription logon) here  

It seems that the Nigerian government is paying former bandits or rebels to “protect” these oil lines from other bandits.  It sounds like being approached by someone in a bad part of town to “protect” your car when you park near a nightclub.

Nigeria may have “practical” problems, as rebel disruptions have lowered oil exports considerably. The government seems to be courting relationships with feudal warlords. 

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