Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Syrian rebellion unearths old chestnut -- draft dodging

The unrest in Syria has led to a practice that used to be viewed as a mortal sin in the US in the 1960s -- draft dodging.

Young men have been leaving the country or hiding out in opposition areas, living in poverty, because they don't want to be conscripted to kill their countrymen.

An AP story, on ABC, by Ben Hubbard, is here.

The government is allowing a 90 day amnesty, or 120 days for those overseas.

How I recall the days when young men went to Canada in the 60s. I remember well a college chum's statement at a summer job in 1967 at the Navy Department, "If I thought the military was bad for my body and soul, I would dodge the draft".

I would get drafted in 1968, after graduate school. 

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