Friday, May 11, 2012

New drug could prevent new HIV infection worldwide; more progress in HIV vaccine reported

Various media sources, such as the BBC here, are reporting that a panel has recommended that the USDA approve a new drug, Truvalda, which purports to prevent initial HIV infection in uninfected partners (both gay and straight) of those already infected with HIV.

The most obvious beneficiaries in the West would be gay men, but the promise of the drug could be that it could stop the HIV epidemic among everyone in Africa.

The BBC story is here.  

The drug would be expensive now and there would be obvious questions in covering it with insurance (or in single-payer systems overseas).  The only antidote would be to have more than one manufacturer and have some competition, but that would run into patent issues.

Earlier, BBC had run a study about a successful vaccine trial among monkey against a similar retrovirus, SIV. 

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