Sunday, April 22, 2012

"The People's Republic of France"?

Is France about to commit suicide?  What, a 75% income tax on income over $1 million euros a year?  Or maybe a 100% tax?  Outlaw stock options?   This sounds like the old People’s Party of New Jersey back in 1972. Unbelievable!

Right, companies are fleeing all over the rest of Europe.  I wonder what AXA, competitor to ING (my “retiring” employer) would do.

The Economist has the sorry story, “The terror: The French election and business”, link here

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Bayeux, which I visited in 1999 (home of the William the Conqueror Museum and Bayeux Tapestry; I lost my rent car keys there!)

Am I right?   Jersey Island, off the coast of Normandy, and the other Channel Islands, are a tax haven (UK control)? 

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