Monday, February 13, 2012

Protests against China's policy on Tibet occur in Washington DC today; arrests at Memorial Bridge; impassioned speeches at White House

Today, I did visit a demonstration in front of the White House and Lafayette Square Park for Tibetan independence, or at least more autonomy from Chinese control.  An “heir apparent” from China will visit president Obama soon, and that seems to have motivated  the protest.

Around 10:30 AM today, some protesters were arrested draping a sign (“Tibet will be free”) from the Memorial Bridge acorss the Potomac River.  Some protesters rappelled from the bridge (NBC4 story here).

The “Campaign for Tibet” website is here.

I have thought about visiting China and taking the train to Lhasa (big deal).  But could I be arrested as a visitor to China because I have blogged about the issue (from the US)?  Does anyone know?

Here is the first video of a speech.  Sorry, the camera wouldn’t focus.
The camera focused much better for the next clip.
I caught some of this personal interview:

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