Friday, February 3, 2012

Panetta doesn't deny his belief that Israel will attack Iran this spring

Washington Post opinion writer, David Ignatius, traveling in Brussels, wrote that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta believes that Israel is likely to attack Iran in April or May to prevent Iran from proceeding further in development of nuclear weapons.  The original link is here

The obvious concerns about retaliation (itself pre-emptive) have been voiced this week: sinking ships in the Strait of Hormuz (and the administration is not as confident privately that it can stop it) and terror attacks in the US, including cyberattacks. 

According to Robert Windrem of NBC news, Panetta does not deny his concern, with the “Open Channel” MSNBC story here

With a story like this, “ordinary people” often wonder, “what can I do about this?”  That is, “I can only be prepared to survive with my family.”  Otherwise “it’s none of my business”.  When I was in the Army and we gave animal names to other soldiers, “The Ostrich” was one of our favorite code names.

From CNN, the anti-Gospel goes as follows:

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