Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Israel will not warn U.S before attacking Iran, if it decides to attack

The Associated Press has a story on the Huffington Post Feb. 28 by Kimberly Dozier, that Israel will not warn the US before striking Iran to knock out its nuclear facilities if it decides to do so.  The link is (website url) here

This is serious.  Israel says that this policy would prevent the United States from being blamed for the attack by Iran and other radicals.  But it could be much harder for the US to brace itself for the Strait of Hormuz closing attempt, or for attacks around the world, possibly in the US. 

The AP’s own site is being revised and right now its stories have to be linked from member sites.

But recent gasoline price hikes seem to be related to speculation over fear of action in the Middle East.  Israel’s announcement will surely cause prices to spike again.  Also related are smaller domestic pipelines leaks and refinery fires.

Remember, the second "gasoline shortage" of 1979 was related to Iran. 

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