Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Iran said to pose a major domestic terror threat to US, replacing Al Qaeda as the biggest danger

Officials in the intelligence community told the US Senate that Iran is somewhat likely to attempt terrorist attacks within the United States or western countries.  

Iran is provoked by economic sanctions, a recent assassination, and skirmishes over the Straits of Hormuz.  The biggest existential problem is that Israel would mount a pre-emptive attack, but that the United States, being softer, larger and less socially cohesive, would make a much easier target for retaliation. Or Iran could try to close Hormuz, and the US Navy could partially reopen it (though sunken ships are hard to remove) and provoke retaliation. 

Iran is becoming a bigger threat than Al Qaeda (which it does not have close ties with because of the Sunni v. Shiite issue) and has ties to Hezbollah in Latin America, Chavez and Castro.  Iran seems to be moving from the typical fascist model to the extreme Left dictatorship model  (toward North Korea), even if predicated on religion.

The Washington Times has warned a few times that a small boat off US waters could launch a nuclear blast in order to produce an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) effect over a wide area.

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