Sunday, January 15, 2012

Unitarian minister from Uganda to speak about anti-gay bill

The Washington Blade Jan. 13 ran two stories about the vitriolic anti-gay legislation proposed in Uganda. The main one, by Brian T. Carney on p. 23, regards an appearance by a Unitarian Ugandan minister in Silver Spring, MD Jan. 17, story link here. The bill would imprison others who failed to report homosexual acts and would even require extradition t Uganda.  It’s unlikely, I hope, that western countries would comply with such extradition requests.  This bill is predicated on a mentality of scapegoating, that homosexuality destroys the social cohesion within families.  It’s rather odd to blame people who have left home for the behavior of people “left behind”.  Earlier stories in the Metro Weekly had explained that African culture regards having children as a moral duty in order to preserve the vicarious “immortality” of ancestors.  Willful failure to procreate  is seen as “killing a family”, on a par with killing an individual person.

Another small sidebar (p 4) by Lou Chibarro Jr. reports that an organization called Trans Africa (site) has asked the United Negro College Fund to cancel an invitation to the ambassador from Uganda to the US to speak at one of its functions.

There has been a lot of criticism of some American "evangelical" preachers for fomenting the situation in Uganda. 

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