Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is "ACTA" an international SOPA? Not exactly.

Recently, some groups such as Electronic Frontier Foundation and Righthaven Victims have been vocalizing opposition to the Anti-Councterfeiting Trade Agreement, to which the president signed on last fall.  It appears that it could go into effect in June 2012.

Here’s a copy (from Australia), link.

Here’s the website of Stop ACTA, link.

And “Read Write Web” gives a lot of the reasons for objection to it. For one thing, it seems to gut the American concept of “Fair Use”.  It can make crimes out of things that normally lead just to civil action.  The link is here.

News media report that Kader Arif, the “rapporteur” (“official investigative reporter”) for the EU with regards to the Treaty resigned over objections to it, as here with the BBC story.

The one potentially “good” thing about ACTA would seem to be that it could strengthen the ability of countries to seize the assets of “digital pirates” in other countries without the need to pass laws forcing other parties into downstream liability (SOPA and PIPA). 

More details will be forthcoming.

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