Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gingrich says Iran must stay nuke-free under all circumstances

On a night when Newt Gingrich is falling way behind in the Iowa causes, PBS (on Charlie Rose) aired a recent interview where Newt said that the highest priority must go to stop Iran from getting control of nuclear resources under any circumstances.

Gingrich seems to consider Iran the most dangerous existential threat on the planet, perhaps like to attempt an EMP attack as discussed previously.

Iran has been ambiguous today on the Hormuz issue, saying it will not act, but executing maneuvers in the area. Even a slight incident could cause oil prices to spike.

Santorum seems to be migrating toward personal morality as a predictor of public morality and as something that motivates bad actors to challenge our freedoms.

Iran warned the US not to allow a US aircraft carrier that was leaving return to the region.

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