Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WSJ reports on volunteer vacations, mostly overseas

If you feel the moral urge to volunteer big time, you can look at the Wall Street Journal Monday Dec. 19, “Saving the World: One Vacation at a Time”, by Nancy Tergesen, a whole section of the paper in print, the Journal Report, link here. Call this "voluntourism".
You can collar big cats in Namibia, look for signs of global warming in the Hudson Bay (I like these two) or teach English in Peru.  Many of the opportunities are physically demanding and in remote areas. And you pay for them, but you might get tax breaks.  And you might share community duties, like KP. 
I did go on a few Sierra Club trips when I lived in Dallas in the 1980s (one was a visit to the Glen Rose Nuclear Power Plant in 1982), and in 1984 I tried a “Spring Work Camp” for the Lama Foundation in New Mexico (just two days of it).

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