Monday, December 19, 2011

So what's next for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea?

Another Sunday night surprise.  Kim Jong Il drops dead on a train of a cardiac arrest at age 69.
All is quiet now. But what I recall from the mid 1990s was that North Korea was thought of as the most likely site for a next war, not the Middle East again. Al Qaeda and Iran weren’t perceived as dangerous as North Korea then. 
And around 2003 George Tenet, CIA director during the period after 9/11, warned Congress that North Korea was capable of lobbing a nuclear warhead all the way to the US Pacific Northwest.  Others warn that a hostile North Korea could hide nuclear weapons in merchant ships or rogue vessels commandeered by terrorists (same comment for Iran).  And don’t forget the possible EMP implications. 
Kim Jong Un: Who is he?  Choi Jong Kun gives some analysis on CNN to Kristie Lu Stout.

On Monday night, CNN was saying that what the North Korean military does in the next two days will be "decisive." Really?

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