Sunday, December 4, 2011

Little notes about international evangelism

Here are a couple of tiny items I noticed in Church today.

At the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC, there is a map showing in which countries Christianity is outlawed by state religions, and others where it is officially tolerated but repressed.  I was surprised to see “progressive” and “moderate” Turkey on the latter list, as well as India. 

This is the way the evangelistic community looks at the world. It's interesting and striking to see the word "persecuted".

At a Presbyterian Church in Arlington, I saw a sign looking for donations for student desks in southern Sudan – is that Darfur?
 And at a bazaar at Washington-Lee High School on Saturday I picked up this poster on the parallels between Lincoln and Kennedy, the latter of whom got us through the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 (while I was at NIH -- a bad  and falsely sheltered period of my life).
Dec. 6:

I noticed a sign in Shirlington, Arlington VA, "Wheels to Africa, Donate a Bike".  Here's the website

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