Friday, November 11, 2011

Washington Nationals player Ramos found safe, returning from kidnap in Venezuela; State Dept warns travelers on culture, lack of security

Washington Nationals baseball player (catcher) Wilson Ramos was found safe in Venezuela Friday, according to media reports, including this story by Major League Baseball, Adam Berry, here.  Ramos is OK, and no ransom has been paid.  This has been an unusual incident in its course. Nevertheless, MLB recommends that players from unstable countries with weak or anti-western governments hire their own security, particularly if playing winter ball.

It remains to be seen how much involvement was necessary from the Obama administration, including state department and FBI   The US State Department warns travelers of poor security, corruption and rampant crime in Venezuela, here

In Venezuela, the criminal practice has been to kidnap relatives of wealthy targets, to take advantage of the family-center culture.  The left wing environment of Chavez may contribute to the occurrence of these crimes, or they could be related to drug cartels (as in the 2001 movie “Collateral Damage”).
A rally was held early evening at National’s Park.

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