Friday, November 25, 2011

Homeland Security drags feet on political asylum for apparently gay Saudi diplomat

The Washington Blade, on Nov. 18 on p 10, in a story by Lou Chibbaro, Jr., reports that the United States Department of Homeland Security has at least at first denied political asylum to a Saudi diplomat outed as gay by the Los Angeles consulate for Saudi Arabia. The link for the story about Ali Ahmad Asseri is here.

An original story had appeared Sept. 11, 2010, authored by Michael Isikoff, had appeared on MSNBC here.

The Blade reports that the political asylum application was reported recently by Rasheed Abou-Alshamh at When I checked that site on Firefox, I got a warning of unsafe activity from Webroot, but not from any other of my site advisories.

Some sent back to Saudi Arabia and publicly outed could face execution.  On the other hand, people have told me that closeted gay life in private spaces is quite common among the wealthy in the Arab world, and underground meeting places are well known and "overlooked" by authorities.

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