Sunday, November 20, 2011

CNN: more on Israel's threat to Iran, on what presidential candidates should know about foreign policy

Sunday morning, Candy Crowley on CNN interviewed Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State under President Bush, and asked her what a GOP presidential candidate needed to know about foreign policy – given some gaffes recently on Libya.  She said – have a general knowledge. The rest is OJT after inauguration. 

She also said she would not come back to government under a new GOP administration and said that she (who is single) enjoyed being a college professor because she could open young people up to opportunity.

And Fareed Zakaria took up the grim topic that Israel really is contemplating attacking Iran. Zakaria interviewed Ehud Barak, Israel Defense Minister.  Zakaria asked if Israel has the technical or military capacity to take out the Iranian nuclear program.  Such an event could have grave implications for oil supply.

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