Saturday, November 5, 2011

Australian filmmaker seeks funds to make documentary about coal, environmental damage in Australia

Haw River Films and the Bimblebox Nature Refuge in Australia are seeking to raise money for a documentary film about coal and gas mining in Australia (particularly Queensland and New South Wales).  They have a fundraising deadline in December 2011.  The details are (website url) here 

Haw River Films produced the film “Mountaintop Removal” about the practice in the US associated with strip mining for coal, reviewed on my movies blog (Oct. 16, 2009).

I got an email from Mike O’Connell in Australia which reads as follows:

“Mike O'Connell here I'm writing you because you purchased a copy of my last film Mountain Top Removal.  Your purchase funded ton's of outreach and made my new project Bimblebox possible.  I filmed this feature documentary entirely in Australia during the last year.  Bimblebox is basically finished and we've submitted to loads of festivals. If you're interested in seeing a clip we have a Kickstarter site and hope you'll check it out.

“Bimblebox is global in scope and examines Australia's position as the worlds largest fossil fuel exporter. Australia supplies one third of the world's coal trade. 

“I tried not to make another "coal is bad" movie,  Bimblebox includes solutions as well from an amazing organization called Beyond Zero Emissions.

“The twenty something founder is sort of the Julian Assange of the climate movement.

“Once again I can't tell you how much your dvd purchase meant to me as a way to continue pursuing my passion for moving images, stories and music.”

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Kalgoorlie open pit mine (Western Australia). 

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