Monday, October 3, 2011

Yes, we all learn our lessons from the Knox case. "All's well that end's well?" Not quite

I guess the Amanda Know re-verdict will be followed by years of lectures on how Americans must behave overseas.

In this case, the prosecutor seemed caught in his own trap, having to rationalize a course he had gone down for political reasons.  But that happens here in the US (as in the little film “Incendiary”, which I saw today).

There was no DNA evidence, and yet Knox’s behavior is said to be odd, inappropriate. A lesson, to be careful when you’re a guest in another country.

Timothy Egan has a perspective in the New York Times here (the column is called "Opinionator"!)

If the prosecution wins on appeal, extradition has practically zero chance of happening, according to Dan Abrams of ABC (but she can never set foot in Italy, or event the EU).  The judge also recognized a three year sentence for "slander", shocking that this would be a crime in the US (given all our carelessness about "online reputation"). 

Don't forget: it was Italy that tried to hold YouTube responsible with "downstream liability" (civil)  in defamation cases that result in eventual injury. 

Here’s AC360’s coverage.

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