Friday, October 28, 2011

Argentina threatens reporting by newspapers on inflation problems; bloggers next?

The Washington Post on Friday has an important editorial about “shooting the messenger”, particularly in Argentina, concerning the re-election of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, link here

The editorial reports a campaign to silence media, particularly major newspapers (Clarin and La Nacion), that repot the truth about Argentina’s inflation problems.  There have been attempts to force newspapers to sell assets or possibly submit to government takeover.

Not discussed here would be the impact on bloggers, so much an issue in the Middle East (with the Arab Spring) and China, or the role of social media, where, again, the anonymity policies (which seem to be changing) could be important.

Will Electronic Frontier Foundation report in this problem?

Fareed Zakaria covered Argentina on Oct. 30, and said that Kirchner has hiding inflation in order to have unsustainable social programs and temporary prosperity. 

Is this the time to watch Sigourney Weaver in  the 90s film “Death and the Maiden”? 

Wikipedia attribution link for Argentina topographical map. 

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