Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saudi Arabia to allow women to vote, hold office, and more

The changes in Saudi Arabia certainly sound worthy of note. Women will get to vote and run for office. Saudi Arabia will hold its first election in a half century.

CNN’s link is here

Is this a sensible reaction to the Arab Spring, to keep a grip on things?

(I didn’t think Facebook was available in Saudi Arabia, but my site has always had some hits.)

In the tribalistic Arab and Muslim (not necessarily synonymous) culture, the dependency of women  (including the modesty of the veil and even not driving a car, although the latter is not specifically forbidden by law) has been an important part of “heterosexual culture”.  It wouldn’t make sense to me. It won't be easy for some men to adjust to.

I wonder if a "self-promoted" person  (via Internet) from the West could safely travel in Saudi Arabia. Does anyone know?  It would be like going to another planet. 

Note (Sept. 27): today there were media reports of an arrest of a female in Saudi Arabia for driving anyway. 

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