Thursday, September 8, 2011

ABC News reports on specific danger reported by FBI (developing story)

ABC News reported, right after president Obama’s speech, that the FBI is watching three individuals who entered the country in mid August and have reportedly rented a truck or vehicle, which may not have GPS.  I’ll put the link as soon as it’s here.

The obvious concern would be disruption of 9/11 commemorations in New York and Washington.  The NFL has teams from both cities playing on that day in Washington. 

Various theories about unconventional weapons have been discussed on this blog before based on research and various lesser known media reports. 

Here's the ABC News story just in, by Brian Ross and others, link

Here is an interview on AC360:

At 9:40 PM, CNN started airing a live broadcast of a press conference at a police task force in New York City.

The Huffington Post has a story Friday morning with more details this morning, about what the FBI sees as the danger.

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