Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Release of Chinese artist on bail again points to China's Internet censorship

Chinese artist Al Weiwei and social critic has been “freed”, but completely silenced, to the point that the Chinese are trying to censor any mention or metaphoric allusion (“The Fat Guy”) on the Internet.
Weiwei was arrested in April trying to go to Hong Kong but never formally charged.

Visitors may enjoy this account of a recent exhibit in New York, “The Travelogue of Dr. Brain Damages”, by Kenneth Hung, on blogger, here with some explanations of the metaphors for Chinese Internet censorship, “Fa Ke You” or “River Crab”. 

Visitors might want to ponder the list of major websites banned in the People’s Republic of China (or the People’s Republic of Capitalism, as Ted Koppel calls it), on Wikipedia, here.     That would include this blog.

And they say Mark Zuckerberg studies Chinese. 

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