Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway: appears now to be a local extremist, not radical Islam

The events in Norway are horrific, but they do not appear right now to be related to Islamic extremism. They appear more to be someone locally disgruntled, a kind of McVeigh. But the reports are still vague, and the picture could change quickly.

I visited Norway for a week in the summer of 1972.  I stayed with some people I knew from the church that I grew up in. I then went to Bergen, flew to Trondheim, took the train and bus up to Narvik, and another train across to Kiruna in Sweden and back down to Stockholm. We had a heat wave that week. 

Update: July 24

I guess the word "manifesto" will have a bad reputation again, since Anders Breivik had posted a 1500 page manifesto on the web, with Reuters describing it here.  The resurrection of the Knights Templar is curious an. (movie review of "The Last Templar" on movies blog, Jan. 26, 2009, as well as Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code"). 

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