Thursday, July 21, 2011

Al Qaeda reported placing saboteurs inside US utilities, as it is "easy" to pass background checks

ABC's Brian Ross reports that Al Qaeda is trying to gain "insider access" to various electric grid or oil and gas infrastructures in order to inflict damage.  Richard Clark says that many can pass background checks to get jobs in the United States where they could inflict sabotage (as in Alfred Hitchcock's famous film "Saboteur"). Some have already been "hired".

Some have been recruited through an extremist site called "Inspire", as described on this website called "Public Intelligence" here.

Something else about this disturbs:  One of my own concerns is the use of social media and blogs for "background checks" for employment because, not only of "free speech" issues, but because of the likelihood that much information is wrong or planted by hostile third parties, or people could be misidentified.  This issue really begs the question of social media BI's.

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