Saturday, May 7, 2011

DOD releases images of OBL and his compound on Saturday afternoon

The Department of Defense is releasing some “silent video” of the “home” where Osama bin Laden lived, including some pictures of Bin Laden watching himself on television.  That sounds like a familiar experience, doesn’t it.  He looks like a "crumpled old man", rather than the boogeyman of genre horror films. 

There is some video of an OBL speech, but you have to read lips to understand it. The administration does not want to “distribute”.  In that speech, his beard seems to be dyed black.  CNN commentators (and perhaps military officers here) were calling this vain or "feminine" behavior. So much for The Polarities! 

Of course, all of this suggests that OBL (or UBL) was continuing to conduct the Al Qaeda “network”, which has admitted that indeed he was killed in the raid shortly after midnight Sunday Pakastani time.

About fifty reporters (including Barbara Starr from CNN) from the “establishment press” were invited to the Pentagon to see the images for the first time.  I was not among that list.  But the public was allowed to see the video on television and on the Internet almost immediately.

And all this on a Saturday afternoon!

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