Saturday, April 2, 2011

Will a "secret deal" calm things down in Libya?

Okay, it seems as though the Gadhafi regime is conducting secret talks in London on a “way out”, at least according to the Guardian, Friday (Beaumont, McGreal, Watt), link here

There is talk that Saif al-Islam Gadhafi,  the second son, would “take over”.  Is there a reason he would be more acceptable? Remember Saddam’s sons?

In the meantime, a NATO strike accidentally knocked out some rebels with friendly fire.

It’s a good question as to whether a split-country would be stable enough for oil exports to continue normally, as rebels would hold most of the oil resources.

The latest scuttlebutt Saturday was that a cease-fire had been “rejected”.

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Bill Boushka said...

Anonymous left a comment in Russian on my GLBT blog, that belongs here, translated:


If you are interested in a little politics, you must have noticed - this sudden unrest in Africa
have an ulterior motive.

There are 2 versions of these events - the "official" and "informal" and both versions are probably gone away from the real facts.
[B] Version 1: [/ b] Gaddafi - a tyrant and autocrat, shot at civilians, so it should be removed.
[B] Version 2: [/ b] in fact Europe and America wanted a little Libyan oil, and they decided to put a small "riot"

Consider the version 1.
Yes, Qaddafi has one more old man, he of course it would be time and retired. But did you know that specifically in Libya
people have a very high preference under his rule? Teachers receive a $ 3.000, paid the unemployed
about $ 1000 and so on. Yes, he was tame small group of rebellious Bedouins, but someone understands
the real causes of these riots?
This version does not hold water.

Version 2.
Oil Libya? Yes, it is of high quality, Libyan oil is very clean. But she was not so much.
And besides, why would haunt Egypt and other African nations, which the whole of last
year in general no one disturbed and worried? And then suddenly - "tyrants," "Monsters", etc.

Yes, this situation is further fueled the price of oil. Individual corporations are profitable.

But the truth is shorter.
Gaddafi is not so long ago began to combine Middle Eastern country under the idea to move to the calculation
for oil and products are not dollars, not euros, and an alternative to all this. And Egypt - one of the countries
which is supported ...

Read more - here:

However, in the popular media, it will never say.

P.S. Saddam Hussein, incidentally, also had such undertakings. Generally, after the crisis, sooo many
the country began to think about getting rid of reliance on the U.S.. Sooner or later
it happens. The Fed has no place to lower rates.

Spread it where you can. People need to know the truth.

By the way, is also on the topic: The military operation in western Libya agreed to the UN Security Council adopted a resolution on Libya, Benghazi, France has promised to attack Libya after a few hours, Britain, France has promised to attack Libya after a few hours, U.S.