Monday, March 28, 2011

Japanese nuclear crisis grows

Of course, the Fukushima Daiichi complex is constantly in the news, with radioactive water in and around the plant, with radiation levels 100,000 times normal.  The prospect of uncontrolled meltdown seems to grow.

An earlier posting that this would not be as catastrophic as Chernobyl by a long shot may have been premature. 

The biggest design mistake seems to have been not locating the secondary power supplies on much higher ground, and not planning for a really large earthquake which can happen in the area. 

Michio Kaku speaks in the video that plays immediately afterward.  He says the Japanese utility is lowballing the numbers and asks “Is Homer Simpson operating this nuclear power plant?”  There could be a breach of containment in units 2 and 3, including radioactive water and plutonium and other radioactive elements (besides iodine) in the soil.  He says people could die from a few hours of exposure at this level.

Some minor increase in radiation has been detected as far as the US East Coast.  No, people don’t need decontamination baths, but I wonder what will be said in the future. It’s a “derivative” process.  And what happens if we do have a major earth quake above NYC some day.

Virginia has two nuclear power plants in the eastern part of the state, each about 50 miles from Richmond, sort of "on the beach". 

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