Thursday, February 3, 2011

Journalists targeted in Egypt; Anderson Cooper "attacked" twice; Mubarak said to be ready to go now

There have been many times when life gets dangerous for journalists, and Anderson Cooper today recounted his being attacked while in a car by a mob today in Cairo here, for the second time so far!

Many journalists from several major networks were targeted, and some sustained injuries.

There is a short film from Starz, “Journalists Killed in the Line of Duty” on my “threats to freedom films” blog March 3, 2009.  One of the most tragic was Daniel Pearl in Pakistan, the subject of “A Mighty Heart”.

On CNN, Elliot Spitzer interviewed Mohamed Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Morsy promised that the group wanted moderation and freedom is Egypt’s domestic policies.  On Israel things are not so clear.
Breaking news this evening has Mubarak “finally” agreeing to leave immediately. It seems amazing that a popular revolution could become so effective. Is most of this the result of social media?  Morsy says that the MB is not on friendly terms with Al Qaeda or any terrorist groups. 


Christiane Amanpour is reporting her sudden indoor interview with Mubarak today on ABC Nightline Thursday night at 11:30 PM EDT. The best link seems to be here. She had intended to interview the vice president. She says protestors are trying to break into hotels and destroy journalists' equipment.

Mubarak says he will stay in Egypt (and die in Egypt) after he steps down, and not flee in exile.

Friday, the crowds "calmed down".

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