Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wikileaks is getting stomped as a "nuisance"

Well, it looks like Wikileaks is in for a lot of trouble. Its domain registrar in the US pulled its registration, and both Paypal and Amazon have kicked it out. As of this evening, the site was still not up anywhere, although some of its YouTube videos still work.

Companies were giving “promotion of illegal activity” or TOS violations and particularly “nuisance” (attracting denial-of-service attacks, although that sounds like giving in to bullying) as the reason for cutting the cord.

It will be hard for Assange to put the site up somewhere and not leave footprints (deadending, like someone who “goes up”), leading to his extradition.  I still share some of Assange's spirit, to be the guy who said "I told you so."

Still, prosecuting him the US looks like a very dubious idea.

The federal government has told employees not to look at Wikileaks documents even at home if they don't have clearance.  I can understand banning looking at it at work, but thinking you can police what employees view at home is just plain silly -- or dangerous, too.

First picture: that's a Radio Shack mug shot of me, not Assange.  Second picture: Ballston Common, Arlington VA.

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