Sunday, December 19, 2010

US uses "blacklist" to coerce European countries into passing "3 strikes" laws on copyright infringement

Gwen Hinze has a major story for Electronic Frontier Foundation, “Not-so-gentle persuasion: U.S. bullies Spain into proposed website-blocking law”, link here.

The article links to a Spanish story about a 2009 law which would require ISP’s to enforce a “three strikes” policy on those accused of copyright infringement, link (“The Peace”) here (Spanish). 

Apparently the "El Pais" story is based on cables provided by WikiLeaks, which supports the notion that most of the cables leaked by Assange's minions are really about coverups that have little or nothing to do with national security for anyone.

The “Special 301 Report” lists countries thought to be permissive with copyright infringement and especially movie and music piracy. It seems to be politically motivated from contributions by huge media interests.

In the US, the “three strikes” rule has been politically unpalatable, and instead Congress will be considering COICA (see the “Bill Boushka” blog).

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